Give your child as much encouragement to express himself through art. Taking positive steps to visit galleries and museums will inspire him to make his own art. Think of ways for your child to be creative with a wide range of tools and resources:

  • Modelling with malleable materials such as dough, plasticine, clay, etc.
  • Painting with wide or narrow paint brushes with water based or acrylic paints – on wallpaper in the garden, or sugar paper indoors, etc.
  • Drawing with pencils, crayons, and pens.
  • Building models with recycled materials.
  • Cutting and sticking magazines and photos.

Stimulate your child’s imagination by letting him make dens with cushions and blankets under the kitchen table. Create opportunities for him to take in his toys and let him have tea with his toy tea set. Empower your child to dress up in your old clothes, shoes and bags. He will re-enact the experiences he has learned about through stories and in real life.

Make music an important part of your child’s life. Listening to a variety of classical as well as contemporary music will help children learn about rhythms and beats, and will inspire them to take an interest in dancing and playing musical instruments as they grow.

Altogether a rich and varied environment in early life will make the difference between your child managing nursery and school expectations, or him feeling alien to education. It is therefore up to parents to use every opportunity to be responsive and inspiring from the start.

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