Early mathematics is all about using mathematical concepts whenever possible in communicating ideas. Counting the steps on the stairs as you walk up and down, counting parts of your body and singing number songs all help your child learn basic maths skills. There are lots books that you can borrow from the local library that help your child practice counting and comparing sizes.

Involve your child in daily tasks that match and compare patterns, such as setting the table, sorting out clothing into categories, matching socks and gloves, comparing the sizes of everyday objects such as towels, cups, spoons, shoes, etc. Write shopping lists with your child and take him to supermarkets and other food markets and teach him to investigate the details about weights and measures, as well as about spending money.

Children love to be engaged in important decisions about food, and they are much more likely to eat what they have cooked themselves so teach them about how to create simple and tasty dishes.

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