Born in the 19th century, Montessori developed her method of education from extensive observations of children at work and play. She discovered that they had an inner teacher that drove them to explore and make sense of their world. She found that they had sensitive periods for absorbing each new skill, and worked best when given the freedom to move in a carefully prepared environment.

At Guisborough Montessori, we use this method, along with the materials that Montessori developed, to enable our children to teach themselves. Staff are trained to observe the children, and keep records of their work, thus enabling the next stage of learning to be introduced as it becomes appropriate.  

The Montessori method also covers the new Early Years Foundation Stage framework that was brought in by the government in September 2008.

We offer opportunities to work in different areas, such as the Practical Life Area and the Sensorial Area, developing physical skills like pouring, cutting, and comparing and classifying, during our free play periods.

There is a choice of activities in the maths and language areas, including     pre-reading and number apparatus. Our Cultural area offers chances to explore the continents, animals, life cycles, and other interesting aspects of the world around us.

Children are free to choose their own activities and to learn at their own pace without pressure, interruption or competition.

The sessions also include painting, drawing, cutting, gluing, construction, imaginative play, stories, circle time, and musical activities. We have French sessions, with puppets, which are very popular too. Our outdoor equipment extends the Montessori practice outside. We are able to offer experiences outside that are more restricted indoors. Water play is one of the most popular of these. It is wonderful to see the children exploring and experimenting in the fresh air. 

We also go for walks round the town and we especially enjoy trips to play in the Priory gardens.

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