Successful cooperation between parents and teachers is important because it also has an effect on your child’s development. This is why we encourage a culture of cooperation and continuous exchange between parent and teacher.

Each child has a Learning Story Book. This is a diary of activities and experiences that occur both at home and at Nursery, with parents being encouraged to contribute photographs and other entries from home.

Parents are encouraged to talk to the staff at the beginning and end of session times, or make an appointment if the discussion is likely to take a longer time. All the children have their own Key Person who is responsible for observing their progress and recording their achievements.

We play in the garden whenever we can, or go for walks around the town, often going to the Priory gardens to work outdoors.

Other visits have included places such as Butterfly World, Guisborough Branch Walkway, Saltburn beach and Guisboroough fire station. Parents or carers are asked to accompany their child on these occasions.

We operate an Open Door Policy at our setting, and always welcome parents, carers and visitors.

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